Thursday, May 7, 2009

Take a Hike!

We went out to the nearest piece of the Richard Dorer State Forest last Sunday for a little hike. Noah wasn't nearly as big a fan of hiking as he is of biking - probably the inability to fall asleep in the carrier... We won't be doing that again unless we can time it to go when he is very well rested. When he gets tired, he shrieks, and when he is that close to your ear, it's painful!

Noah's Teeth

Not the greatest picture, but I think you can see those little teeth on the bottom gum! (Try clicking on the picture to get the full size version.)

Noah sure talks a lot lately. I'm not sure if that is a response to having foreign objects (teeth) in his mouth, or the pain of teething, or if he has just hit that point in development?!

Crafty Fun!

I had the pleasure of creating a diaper cake recently for our friends from small group. It was fun to make and well received. My favorite part was the little sock roses. Ha ha ha, now Lindsay has to unroll 80 diapers before she can use them!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Babies like Milk

Noah has not taken to real food at all yet. That's probably because Brian says, "Babies only drink milk, Babies like milk". The faces this kid makes when presented with a spoon full of other good stuff are funny!
He got his first tooth! Maybe now that he has teeth, he will decide he wants to eat...