Monday, April 14, 2014

No more granny blue

Did I mention that having the paint tools at home would be dangerous?  Dangerous to the granny blue in our living room, that is!
We wrapped it all up, and then took a few pictures.  Cutting paper to cover all those window panes was a pain! Taping the paper on to each pane was even more of a pain.  I groan every time I hear what a pain those panes are!  There were 80.  Brian did the majority of the work.  He calculated that he tediously taped on a close line greater than a football field's length in this room. #mathnerd

 I can't get over how ugly that fireplace surround was.  So glad to no longer be sporting the blue shelf backs and "antique glazed" front.

Wait for it...




Wow!  White is so fresh and pleasant!
 The ceiling was ugly, off white, shiny, textured tiles.  You can see along the edge where he got it with the trim paint that it will be so much better in plain white!

 Final wrapping for ceiling paint.
 Ooh, putting it back together with silver hinges and a lucite knob.  (Is lucite what you call it??  It's a clear crystal-like hexagon.  Fits with the vibe of the room, I think.)
 Can't help but notice the grill as well...  It was painted and glazed to match previously, and rusted beyond use.  Now she's looking real fine!
 Let me remind you for a moment what it looked like shortly after we moved in.
 Ugh, those blue half walls and window trim were so gross!  (So were the window treatments!  That's up next.)

Now, I think we've brought it into the modern era.  I'm so happy with it!  Let me at the art and window treatments!
How often do I celebrate fresh paint on here?  It's our thing these days. There is a sense of accomplishment and a much improved aesthetic when you finish a paint job, so I guess it's an okay thing to celebrate. We have had the tandem bike out for a fun ride once already this spring, so it's not ALL work no play.  I just don't have much to show-off about a bike ride. ;)
Happy Spring!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Condo Update - paint

We were up for another work weekend and we got 2 important things done - paint in phase 3 and furniture in phase 2!  Here's a random splattering of photos from that work weekend:

Wrap it up tight!

Primer done - the orange walls are finally all gone.

Ooh, a real bed!  It makes the mattress softer.

Poang chairs, so comfortable!  Surprisingly large in the room, though.

Upper cabinets down. Kitchen is so much bigger!

Gray wood looking good.

Whoo, look at those bright white electrical covers!  It's the little things :)

We painted up a little extra base trim for after the floor is put down.

Getting there!

Now that is one beautiful fireplace wall!

Wrapping for paint makes a huge pile of garbage.

Great view! 
I could say so much about that last picture - old window vs. new window.  No competition, new is fabulous.  I just hope the old one isn't a detractor for the sale of this place. With the new windows, you can see the glistening of the lake all the more clearly.  It's so frustrating how replacing the worst one makes the okay one look terrible.
With the last phase painted, we were able to bring all the paint stuff home, so the tool pile is starting to grow smaller!  Dear me, now we have paint tools at home... You know what that means!