Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fast learner

Now that Noah is walking, he explores more of the house. He walked on into the office and sat down at the bookshelf. I caught up with him doing a little reading. He must have gotten bored with the kiddy books, so he pulled "Elementary Statistics" off the shelf and opened it up. He's so smart, he chose to start right at the beginning of the book. Next thing you know, he will grab a pencil when he sits down with the text books, so he can work a few problems!

A little Fruit

This is how Noah prefers to eat his fruit! He is so independent and stubborn. Can you see how much of it he consumed? I put away the camera before he was finished, he ate close to half the pear.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Noah on the Shore

We stopped at Split Rock for a leg stretcher on the way home. Noah likes to stand anywhere there is a place to help him balance. He found this big driftwood tree to play at. It was a great place to pick up rocks, put them on the tree, then sweep the tree clean again. Of course, tasting the rocks just in case they are good is a requirement!

Grand Portage

We hiked to the top of Mt. Josephine, the views were awesome! Good thing we packed lots of warm clothes, the hike started in the snow. Brian carried Noah for about 2 minutes during this hike, on the flat area. Going up that hill with an extra 25 pounds on your back is hard work! There was a really cool "fort" at the top of the hill, we think it was the foundation for a lookout tower.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Little Monkeys

I thought these little monkey faces would be perfect for Noah's birthday. He's pretty much a monkey himself. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. They were pretty tasty too, at least the day of the party, the cookies and cereal got soggy pretty quickly afterward.

This was my fun, creative endeavor for September. What's up next?