Thursday, September 2, 2010


We're looking forward to Noah's second birthday. Here's his list of needs and wants, all in one convenient location for your shopping enjoyment!

long sleeve tops
winter boots
snowsuit/winter coat
lightweight pjs

toddler snow skis
Duplos, duplos, and more duplos! These are currently his favorite toy and he asks to play with them multiple times every day! He, of course, calls them tractors (?!), train cars, and towers. I don't think he would know what you were talking about if you asked about playing duplos.
Books about nature, transportation, or sesame street.
All things ELMO or sesame street! He knows all of the characters by name and likes to sing "C is for cookie".
playdates with friends - he told me a couple of nights ago, "more friends house". He loves his people, who used to be just family members but are expanded to the kids from daycare and church. This is quite challenging for mom and dad because we can't quite interpret his friend's names - 'Lexis sounded like Jacket for the longest time and didn't make any sense to me.

Counting down to the 24th!