Monday, June 30, 2014

Slow progress and style choices at the condo

We're quickly approaching the end of this project.  We've run into a number of delays for product selection or contractor scheduling.  In the meantime, we worked on things that are not very photo worthy or noticeable.
We had a few issues getting the plate cover onto the outlet with the relief of the bricks around it.  A little angle-grinder action solved that...

Counter selections and wood flooring were a style challenge.  I set up a couple of groupings at home to look at things together.  Here's one such model:
 That's the counter choice, but not the exact floor choice.  It's pretty close on the floor.  It really helps to set up a little vignette like this, especially when your project is as far away from home as ours!

We had to visit for some measures and supply/tool delivery, so Brian knocked out some punch-list like items.  Closet hooks!

Shower curtain hung!

We've also enjoyed a few relaxing visits with more hiking and reading books than usual :)