Friday, April 20, 2012

Fast, cheap, and significant!

When searching for paint for one of my little building projects, I stumbled upon a clearance can of "porch and floor" paint that was a very suitable color for us.  We'd been talking about doing something to make the downstairs bathroom more livable/likable until we get around to tearing it apart and doing it right.  So, here we have a fast and cheap "remodel" job that makes a huge difference!  The yellowed, white-wash job on the floor was the most significant eye sore about the room.  Now that the upstairs bathroom is totally functional, we could make the main floor toilet off-limits for 2 days and paint it up!
Before.  I scrapped the big chunks of cracked paint/poly out of the grooves in the floor.

Brian pulled the toilet out, it had a little rocking chair feel to it, so that was something in mind when doing this quick project.

Clearly there was moisture all over the place down there!  Glad to clean that out of my house!

Another before shot.  The clashing color of the floor and wall  hurts my eyes!

During.  Brian is our master painter, I help significantly during the prep, but he's the one who wields the brush.

Ahh.  After.

Look at that lovely color contrast between the crisp white wall and the medium gray floor! 
We started this on Sunday afternoon when we figured we were clear for showings for the weekend - most showings happen on weekends, so once those are done, we can work all week...  Ha ha!  Brian got a call on Monday morning for a Monday afternoon showing.  I told him earlier to just say no since we have the bathroom torn apart and a busy week, but the agent isn't actually bringing a buyer, he's just previewing, so we showed the house with the toilet sitting in the middle of the office!
In putting back the toilet, Brian decided that it was previously installed incorrectly, and that's why we had that rock and roll action.  We now have a properly installed toilet that sits firmly in place!  It wasn't the wood floor's fault after all!
Total project: about 5 person hours and  $15.  How long do you think that the expensive bathroom remodel will be avoided??