Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Noah!

Noah has a message that he wanted me to give you all about his upcoming birthday:

My Birthday Wishlist
Here are a few of the things that I want for my birthday...

a splatmat - I really want to control my own food and sometimes that means watching how it lands on the floor when I drop it over the edge. It would be really cool to have a target to practice hitting. Besides, messes cause mom and dad stress, so maybe that would help them to chill out.

slippers - I expect that dad won't turn the heat on until it is plenty cool, so I need something warm and fuzzy for my feet.

plug covers - I'm starting to get curious about those little holes in the wall and I keep getting told NO, so let's just cover them up and not worry about it.

cups - I only have 3 right now, one for water, one for juice, and one for milk. What if one of them is dirty or if I want to have one for travel... When my friend Malachi was over last weekend, his cup looked really cool and I tried to take it away, but mom kept giving it back to him, she's no help.

toys, lots of toys - I really like it if they make sounds when I shake them or have parts that spin or spring. The ones I have are getting pretty boring, so new ones would sure be fun.

more time outside - I really like to taste the leaves and rocks and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Please just take me out there and let me get dirty!!

I realize I'm giving you this message pretty late, so you might already have great gifts planned for me. I'm sure I will love them, especially the packaging that they come in. I hear that it will be colorful and crinkly and I can tear it. Ooh and boxes, I hope I get some boxes!

I'll see you soon for the big party!!


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