Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes Man in the Snow

Here's Noah's first time for "playing" in the snow this season. He didn't want anything to do with it - sticking with the sidewalk for awhile. I finally gave up waiting for him to voluntarily venture into the white piles. I plopped him into the snow (second picture). He just sat there and looked at it. His dad took him out for a second "play" in the snow the next day. Brian wasn't much more successful than I was. It seems our occasionally cautious little guy finds snow something to be wary of.
Climbing to intriguing places does not bring out the cautious side of Noah. He will put his best attempt at getting onto the window seat, or reaching up to the kitchen counter or into the desk drawer.

Noah has got his "yes" and "no" words mastered, and he prefers "yes"! Anytime I need a "yes man", I just ask him my question and he will reply "yeah".

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