Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Genius child

This stage of development has got to be the most fun! It's awe-inspiring to see the new things that Noah is able to do with each passing day. He's combining words to make sentences and ideas now. He's getting really good at adjectives, "orange truck"! Every time I turn around I catch myself thinking that Noah has to be the smartest little guy ever - I suppose every parent thinks that though.
We were playing at toddler class in the little kitchen. Noah got out a pot and lid. I offered him some different pretend foods to put into the pot. He put the pot into the little pretend microwave, made a motor sound, took the pot out, lifted the lid and looked at his little food items. Then he put it back into the mircowave, made his motor sound, and took the food out again. This time, he opened the lid, said "steam" and waved his hands over the top of the pot. Then he said "hot" and moved the pot to the table. What a little genius!! He made that up all on his own!!!
He can't quite get the word motorcycle, but he knows how to identify them. He points them out by imitating the sound that they make, it's so funny! I can't even begin to phonetically write out the sound he makes, but he repeats it enough that we know when he is talking about motorcycles.
I have several more examples that I could comment on, but no more time to write this afternoon!

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