Monday, July 22, 2013

Randomness - aka a list of excuses.

I haven't posted anything house related because we're in that limbo state between buying and selling where we aren't completely positively confident about what's happening until the ink is dry and the money is paid.  It's a totally frustrating and energy-draining place to be.  All fun projects end up taking a back seat to life.

I wanted to pop in here and welcome all those Better After folks who have stopped by!  It was so kind of Lindsey to feature our bathroom remodel.

We're working on a vacation condo remodel, but have that phased and scheduled to be a fall, winter, spring project because we like to play too much in the summer.  I probably won't have next steps and updates on that until November. 

We took a vacation and need to write up all of our fun from that.  We played in the Nebraska panhandle - most people think that's crazy - it's actually a beautiful place and low on crowds! 

Most of my Noah fun blog posts have been relocated to Instagram.  I don't usually have as much to say as a picture to share, so that works well for me.

Up next: we'll be packing and moving and starting over with an old house that needs some love :)
I have an orphan piece of furniture that I'm working on (how's that for a teaser).
I've been maintaining some sanity with knitting projects, but nothing is finished that isn't a gift for a blog reader, so I'm not spilling the beans on that either!

Hope you're all having a great summer! 

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