Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another tile job and the kitchen is finished!

So we had this one last ugly peach wall taunting us...
Not anymore!
Brian found a sweet tile that we could use for the back splash - at Menard's, where else.  It's shiny, white glass that has just a little bit of a blue tint to it.
 As usual with tile, I'm the cutter and Brian's the mudder.  I set up out on the deck - since it's summer now and I won't freeze my fingers off, and the rest of the place is in sweet condition - don't want to wreck it with tile dust.  For this job, I should have asked Dad for his glass tools, because my tile saw was ridiculous overkill and not the best tool for the job.  It turned out great, though.
 It was an appliance jungle in the kitchen since we needed to move things in order to tile around/behind them.
 It's still a little messy, but we're peach-free!
 Things lined up just right around the mid-counter outlet.
 Under the microwave, we got really lucky with the height of the tile and height of the microwave :)
 Oh, I almost forgot!?!  The counters came in, that's why we were ready to tile!  We got a quartz product, ECO Polarcap - it's a mostly white, with little flecks of gray and sparkle.
 Nearly done, he's taping up for a line of caulk.
 Now, they can get the sink plumbed up and our kitchen will be back in business!!
There we have it, the kitchen is in.  This marks the end of the Superior condo journey.  It was pretty anti-climactic ending with a few, little plumbing tasks.  Nothing like unwrapping from a paint job.
What do you think of our sweet little back splash?  I'll put some furniture/finished product pictures up soon.  Next stage, sit on the market...  Anyone interested?!

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