Saturday, March 7, 2015

Things are happening!

When we moved into the white house, we were knee deep in Superior Condo construction and tired of living under-construction that having been our nearly perpetual state at the yellow house.  We committed to living here for a year before doing anything major.  You can see when we painted the living room and did a little lighting/electrical update in the dining room.  We didn't consider those major.  Knocking down walls or taking on plumbing projects pushes into major.  Well, we've made some things happen here at the white house...
Noah taking the lead on re-building his bathroom

Dad teaches tile removing technique

Before shower/bathtub

Before sink and mirror

Noah working hard to get it taken down

Once he was nearly knee deep in broken tiles, he took charge of cleanup

Tile gone, sink and toilet gone, mirror out. Ugly light remains.

Bath surround gone.
We had to open up the wall at the bathtub because the valves were leaky and it didn't have a built in shower, just an add-on shower piece.  We wanted a shower in there!  This was a one-owner house, built in the late 1940s.  There's evidence that this wasn't the original bathroom, but we estimate that the updates were done in the 1960s.  It had served it's time!  Another funny thing that we observed - once the toilet was removed, the old house smell that we just couldn't clean away was finally gone!

Updates coming for the bathroom:
Electrical outlets
Exhaust fan

Of course, the whole room is getting updated, but those were the major drivers.  

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