Monday, August 24, 2015

Done with phase 1

We didn't actually assign phases to this house for remodeling purposes (like we did with the condo). But, we put a fork into the first big remodel project for the white house and are enjoying a few days off before we jump into the next thing (also have to finalize what exactly is the next big thing). I wish we were faster at this, but we do have jobs, a child, and other fun hobbies that take up our time too.
The most exciting change in the work we did for this phase was taking out the closet. Here's a few views of the final product there.

When you walk into the front door and are greeted by a little space to move, it's nice! I'm slow to furnish, as usual, but the body space has proven useful several times over.

I found some pictures of the door, shelf, and drawer cleanup process...
In  Noah's room, someone had done a poor job of painting the trim white. We started to prep for paint and discovered that the white came off very easily. Too bad, now we have to take it off!
Yes, we used the "rec room" in the basement as a paint booth. The walls are too dark and the tile floor is too ugly. Since we will be changing it all out anyway, it made sense to go for it and save some masking and prep trouble. 
Where did September go? This was sitting in my drafts folder all month, we finished a while ago.  I'm just not a very timely blogger.

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