Thursday, August 7, 2008

He likes to eat...

Cheese, Fruit, and Chocolate are the top 3 foods of my pregnancy. I suspect the later two are just my personal preference, but I look for them regularly for snacks, etc. We are getting to a point where every time I sit down to eat a meal, the little guy thinks that is great play time and he should kick and wiggle. Maybe he is celebrating meal time. Maybe my stomach is that loud when processing food that he wakes up and fights with it?! Maybe I'm just too active/busy/distracted to notice all of the kicking and wiggling during the rest of the day, but I notice it at meal time (and bedtime, but that's a different story!).

I don't have much for adventures to report on lately. We're trying to come up with a weekend getaway for this weekend, but are having a hard time deciding what to do. I'm thinking about getting extra sleep, putting my feet up, eating some good foods (see above). Brian's thinking camping, hiking, biking, the usual outdoor adventure outing. We'll see what ends up happening!

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