Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Black River State Forest

We got away for a ski weekend at Black River again this year! Noah made the uphills extra challenging and the downhills fast. The weather was great, 20s and sunny. The trails were well groomed and well used - we saw half a dozen people while we were on the trails and a bunch more cars in the parking lots. Here's some shots of the fun. Brian found a creative way to "park" Noah and the chariot when we stopped for a rest break.

I took a turn pulling Noah this time (for more than 10 strides). My goodness! It's like molasses going up the hills. I'm not sure if I should be impressed by Brian or disgusted at myself that we are pretty equalized when he is pulling the load.

We actually saw another chariot in use for skiing while we were there! We've gotten lots of comments from other skiers about Noah's sweet ride. Since most people who ski are quite a bit older than us the comments go something like, "Back when our kids were little..." "...nothing that fancy..." etc.

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