Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Waterpark fun

This past weekend we went to the Dells with Nate & Irene and Joe & Jenny. It was supposed to be more of a ski trip, but for a variety of reasons, the waterpark was the main attraction. Here's Noah's first time at the pool. I was glad that they had life jackets available to use. Noah seemed to enjoy his time in the water. He stared at the large objects in the kiddie area, and enjoyed floating in the wavepool.

We did get out skiing while we were there. There are 2 WI state parks within a short drive, so we spent one day at each. Mirror Lake is a skier's park, Devil's Lake is not. The warm weather made being outside pretty comfortable, but didn't do much for the ski conditions. I'm afraid that our season is pretty much over, boo. We'll have to drive north for a few more ski outings, and start thinking about biking for local fun.

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