Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weekend with Grandparents

Noah got to do some excited playing in the exersaucer last Sunday (as pictured, thanks Grandma) and some quality lap napping with his grandparents.

While he was having all that fun, his parents went skiing - first time of the season that Brian skied without pulling the Chariot. He didn't know what to do with his extra layers when he warmed up! We need the Chariot to slow Brian down, he could have skied circles around me. The snow conditions were atrocious since we only had 2 inches on the ground, but it was nice to get outside for a little while.

Here's a few things that Noah has been up to lately:

He must have something soft and fuzzy to sleep with. And a full belly, but that makes anyone sleep better.

He explores his body with his hands - those ears are pretty neat to grab onto; when his belly is uncovered, he finds some little baby fat rolls to grab onto; and it's always fun to check out what's inside that opening between his chin and nose...

He rolled over! Either clothes or hardwood floors have made that an extra challenge for him, when dressed in nothing but a diaper on a carpetted surface he rolled right over and gave us a big gummy grin.

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