Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun little thrift shop find

I happened upon the "large items" section of a local thrift store after I was lamenting the lack of end tables in our newly decorated living room.  I needed to find something approximately the same height as the couch arm and kind of unique styling, like the rest of the room.  This is what I scored...
 It was only $8.  It was in such great condition that I ran a damp cloth over it and popped it into place.  No re-painting, re-surfacing, repairs.  Just moved my table lamp onto my new table and celebrated!
The room is coming together.  Slowly, but it is.  I'm not really motivated to make major moves in the room because of that lovely lawn ornament we have out front ("For Sale" sign).  I expect to decorate a different living room and have been keeping that in mind when considering the size/arrangement of furniture and art.  We had one house viewer who actually asked if we would sell the furniture with the house, so I feel like that's a huge score in the "finishing" department!

Maybe I can blame the lack of blog posts on that lawn ornament too.  I don't have nearly as much content now that we're not doing extensive projects around the house.

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