Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Pulled Pulk

After my post about eating vegetarian, you might have seen this title as some sort of soy replica of pulled pork, but this is about sledding.  About towing Noah around out in the snowy wilderness in a more comfortable fashion.  Ever since he outgrew the old Chariot, we've been pulling a sled by a short rope, or taking turns playing outside.  We decided it was high time to pimp-out the sled to comfortable parent mode.
We've assembled some tools and are getting a system figured out.

The engineer says you have to build in redundancy in case one part fails, so we have a pair of carabiners linking this system together.
Here we go!

Somebody's having fun!

Dad can comfortably snowshoe, little one doesn't get left behind.

Unless he jumps out of the sled!

We were able to snowshoe and fat-bike with this system.  We used a bunch of 6-8 inch strips of webbing with grommets punched into them to attach to the sled, the sled-end of the pipe, and the harness end of the pipe.  I sewed a harness out of some outdoor nylon (in a bright color that matches the sled), and a 2 inch strip of webbing and buckle.  We just drilled a couple of holes in the pvc pipe and bolted the grommets to the pipe.  We don't have the best grommet system out there and had a couple of grommets pull out of the webbing from the forces put upon them when in real use - good thing we built in all that redundancy!
It was sure fun to play engineer again, mix power tools and sewing, and make something very useful for playing outside!  
Have you ever used something similar?  I'm curious about different designs, so please share!

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