Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finally ready for paint

Brian made great progress this past weekend.  Most of the work was in the bathroom, getting walls ready for paint and putting the trim back up.  Just to refresh your memory, here's where we started.

With the wood around the old tub pulled down - found some wallpaper.

Ready to spray the radiator, nasty walls.

Mmm, nice radiator!  Now about those walls...
Mmm, look at that progress!  It's starting to look like a  respectable room!
Can't wait to eliminate that yellow/orange wood.
The bedroom is also paint ready.  Looking good!

Here's another before - that's one nasty wall and radiator!
Ahh, much better.
We overcame our issues with Lowes and finally obtained the vanity that we choose for this room too.  Major success after weeks of frustration.  They recalled them, told us to come back in a couple weeks, told us they threw them all away because of the recall.  We were looking one last time before settling on a second choice and discovered that they were once again selling the first choice, but not at our store.  Fortunately, my parents live in a larger metropolitan area with several Lowes and we were able to work with a more capable staff at another store.  The driving miles are starting to add up for this project, but it's still fun!

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