Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paint - Wow!

Brian got back to the condo this past weekend and was finally able to use his new painting toy.  His early reports were that the sprayer was AWESOME and he is highly disappointed at how much time he put into painting our house without such a tool.  It makes a silky smooth surface in seconds, not hours.  You don't want to read my rambling, you want to see the results! 
Trim done, the rest still coming.  You can see the gentle contrast between the gray and white.  Never mind the weird lamp shadows.

Doors balanced in the middle of the room for spraying

Wall done. Yes!

Gray paint is done here, getting ready for white.

Doors.  Aren't they a  million times better than that orange wood??

Entrance hall done, so sharp!  The tile looks so much better when it's not surrounded by orange wood!

From the kitchen, down the hall.  On a mission to eliminate shiny orange pine paneling!

In progress at the hall to kitchen transition.

Unwrapped and cleaned up, the transition isn't going to look good for quite awhile, boo.

While working, there is not space for people!  What a mess!

Just starting to unwrap, look at that pretty tile next to the light, bright wall.
The order of these is random and scattered, I'm posting pics while Noah is begging to watch videos, hmm.  Better get back to my playdate!

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