Saturday, June 15, 2013

Update on Operation White-Out

We painted the majority of the main floor white.  It feels a lot more open and bright, which really helps in an old house like this.  When it came to the office, which was "spicy cayenne", I wasn't ready to go all white.  It needed a little something else...
Before operation white out moved in!
I'm on board with the color that everyone is painting this year.  And, we have some on hand from the condo projects.  So, we painted it "architectural gray".


After - the desk is still a junk zone!
We re-arranged a few things in the process here, too.  The bookshelf and toy bins went into Noah's room.  I like it much better in there.  He doesn't play up there, ever, but he could if he wanted to.  It's more homey in his room now, with more of his things in there.  Here, a picture is worth a thousand words...
Noah's toy/book/play spot.
 We're done now.  This is the last time we re-paint/re-stage this place.  I put the "after" pictures on the "Our house" page.  Come to me buyer, come to me...  Got my eye on a foreclosure that likely won't last long.

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