Sunday, September 22, 2013

First order of business

The first order of business upon moving in was to get those awful lace curtains removed!
Where's the window?
He knows what to do!

Yes, there's furniture everywhere and we're barely moved in, but taking care of what's important!

They were everywhere and only covered the top half of the windows.

Living room, they are here too!

Oh, and did I mention, they were filthy, gross, dirty.

Ah, much better, I can find the window now!

The shutters are next.

All gone and looking good, or should I just say better.

Here he is pulling the very last one.
We have a short list that entails the top priorities.  These are not "projects" that are meant to completely remodel the house, they are basic maintenance needs and a few items that will help make the house our own.
Here's the list:
- Electrician to fix the broken conduit where the main electrical enters the house
- Chimney sweep/inspect to make sure it's safe to burn in the wood fireplace
- Figure out the spinkler system - see if it works and get it winterized this fall - ha ha it works!
- Remove the lace curtains (and shutters in areas that don't need them) - check!
- Get a water softener
- Clean or replace the "touch points" - I'm suffering from eeeewwww whenever I open a cabinet or turn on a light.

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