Monday, September 23, 2013

The most painful bed ever

So we had a bunch of paneling that came down from the walls and I've read a little too much Ana White, so I thought it would work well to recycle some of that wood into a beautiful headboard.  That turned into building a whole bed.  That turned into lots of aggravation.  This condo project wasn't meant to be a furniture building party, and this bed was taking up precious work time that should have been devoted to "real" building.
Headboard mostly built.  See the excellent recycling work.

Ready for paint.  Another excuse to use the paint sprayer!

Primer sprayed, looking good.

Here he is working with his cool tool.

Hmm... Is that really the color I picked out?

This is Great Lakes by Dutchboy.  It looks more like blue cotton candy. 
We had a serious issue with the paint and ended up painting twice.  We won't be buying Dutch Boy paint/colors again anytime soon.  Both mixes ended up not matching the swatches very well.  I'm totally happy with it now, it just took more time and money than desired to get there.  There was talk along the way about cutting the bed up and throwing it in the fire, it wasn't pretty.  This is the same color that we used on the chest project.  We had extra and it needed to get put to good use.  I like it over there, it was just too much in the bed application and for this room.

Finally happy with it.  It matches the lake out the window!

This color is Baltic Sea by Dutch Boy.

The first color was supposed to be a slightly lighter shade of the color we ended up with.  The second color was supposed to be a "safe" navy.  The paints mix lighter, brighter, and greener than the swatches.  I wonder how the color will change as it ages?!

Anyone else having all kinds of trouble choosing good paint colors??

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