Sunday, October 20, 2013

Decluttering Challenges

As we packed for moving, we pulled out lots of "goodies" that had been "shelved" for a long time.  I had a young helper for most of this packing and guess what he thought of these goodies?  NEW TOYS!  I did manage to fill a few extra garbage bags and sell of a few things on craigslist, but we moved a bunch more things than we would have liked to because of this helper.
He found a few baby toys that he loves, loves, loves and NO, we can't pass it along.
He found some bike parts that he thought would be great fun.
He found some of my old toys - rollerblades, shoes, bike helmet that he wants to grow into (???).

Moral of the story, decluttering is best done when 4 year olds are in bed or otherwise occupied.

While we're on the topic of decluttering, I should mention that a smart phone is actually a brilliant assistant to this task.  You can take a picture of your item and post it directly to craigslist quite quickly.  I used to have to wait until I got my camera pictures downloaded to the computer, then get on the web and get it posted.  That could take me weeks depending upon my motivation.  As you can see from my blogging track record, I'm pretty inconsistent about getting pictures uploaded and documented. :)

Anyone else working on decluttering??  Is it time to give up old toys that haven't been used in years?  Are all preschoolers hoarders?

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