Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eye tricks to define the space

Our new house has the very awkward, large family room.  It's combined with a big bookshelf and desk area that is more of a home office than family room.  It's good to have these things all out in the open so that we can observe each other's computer use and work and play together.  Anyway, I'm getting off topic...
The ceiling is vaulted on the family room half, but it's still a little awkward in terms of space layout.  It's hard to clearly define the large open space.  Let me just jump to pictures. Here's my solution.
Big fuzzy rug to define the space better.

Still a work in progress, but much better.

Looking down to the back entry.  It's actually reasonably tidied up.

Mmm, fuzzy texture.  It's so soft under foot and warms the space up well.
It's feeling more homey now that we have a family room space that we live in.  I love the texture with all the smooth wood and leather couch.  There is officially no eating and no legos on the new carpet!  Is this house tweaking, or just settling in?!

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