Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spraying the gold parts

The screen/storm door hardware was more of the brass look, and it was in poor shape (pitted and rusty).  Brian took a look at the number of pieces, and the price and availablity of replacement parts, and decided it wasn't going to happen.  All the ladies of the blog-world spray paint anything that doesn't look good to them, so we thought it might be worth a shot.  This isn't the first time spraying, but it is the first time at our primary residence...  So far it has held up quite well.
He set up shop out on a pleasant day with an old pizza box and all the parts that he could remove from the door.  He reminded himself a few times to spray quick and light.  Even so, he had to re-do a couple pieces because he was out of practice and got the paint on a little heavy.  Good thing it just takes a little sanding and you can have a re-do easily.  Note to self - take your time and do it right or it will take multiple times as long to re-do it again...
lay out the parts and spray!

heavy masking for those parts you can't remove.

Do you see how pitted and gross that is?  Little paint will take good care of it!
For those parts that weren't removable, we got out some leftover packing paper and old newspaper, propped the door open so it was away from anything that might touch it, and got busy spraying.
Months later, nobody would guess that's how the door got to look like this:
All cleaned up with freshly painted hardware.

I stepped back so you can see most of the little tiny porch. 

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