Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Updating the family room

The family room was updated/added-on to in the mid '90s.  It's not in bad shape, just a little dated and dirty.  We aren't fans of brass/gold fixtures and there is a serious lack of lighing in this room, so here's a few things we did to make it more our own.

Before: Closet door knob, and you can see the electical in the upper right corner. 
Side by side, the before and after.

After, closet door knob is more pleasant to touch and look at.

New lockset - updated safety and better look.

See the ugly switch?

Much better.

Crisp white electric switches, love it!

Down with the dirty, old, brass ceiling fan.

Yuck, has it been dusted in 20 years?  That's what you get when you buy a granny house.

Assembly problem.

He's getting it up there!

Looking good!

Now there's light and a much more modern fixture.

This room has come a long way from the de-lace pictures.

While we're at it, let's tidy up the entrance light.

The former light was so rusty it was a challenge to take down.  
This is the first round of tweaks and updates that help us live comfortably here.  Nothing big, no demolition or contractors help.  Just a few electrical changes that polish the place up a little.

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