Friday, May 9, 2014

First glimpse of the kitchen

Are you ready for a ton of pictures of a tiny kitchen?
Brian had a fun experience installing the IKEA kitchen.  It only took 3 trips (so far) to IKEA to get it done.  He worked on the kitchen by himself and found it completely do-able to hang the cabinets solo.  It's coming together!  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
messy workspace, first few upper cabinets mounted

first few upper cabinets mounted

upper cabinets are in with doors

you get a before, during, and after all at once with these pictures!

clean up and add lights - looking good!

blur your eyes so you see a stainless micro and smooth top range

just wait, the base is even better

ah, the working conditions
step back and admire

the ugly base is gone!

and the pretty base is going in...


range makes a great tool shelf

umm hmm, starting to be a pretty kitchen

look, we have an island too

ready to tackle the dishwasher?
whoo hoo! the integrated dishwasher was such a good choice

looking good!
It's coming together nicely!  I'm looking forward to the new appliances, mostly because those are coming next.  The dishwasher took quite a few hours to get mounted and set into place, that was not fast.  The rest of the kitchen went together reasonably quickly and without frustration.  Those IKEA people really know how to set you up for success in your assembly.  We're down to the level of cleaning up details in here - installing shelves, a few trim pieces, and soft close hardware.  Then it's just a waiting game until the counter guys can get there...

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