Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring on the Shore

We had our final visit to the condo, and enjoyed some fun time on the shore while we were there.
The weather was typical spring - different every day.  We had snow, cold, cloudy, sunny, warm, windy weather that week. We were determined to not spend too much time indoors there (because we would get bored without projects going on).  We hiked the Oberg peak loop. The trail was covered in ice; crampons would have been helpful.  There were usually places to get by the ice, or rocks and roots sticking through to keep some traction.
There was frost in all the trees making for some beautiful vistas.
When we crossed the windy side through the trees, the frost was actually falling out of the trees.  It was a new weather phenomena for us - kind of a cross between a blizzard and a hail storm.  The larger bits of frost had some mass to them.  We tried to hurry through that area, but of course, the snow packed trail made that challenging.
Have you ever been in a frost storm?

One day it was 50+ degrees, so we spent most of the day outside.  We got our biking gear together and packed a picnic and played around near Beaver Bay.  The intention was to bike much farther, but with the warm temps, came a strong wind...  We turned back after only 5-ish miles, took the requisite giant chair picture, and went exploring.
We took some time at a beach and river confluence for a bit.  There were rock treasures to hunt for and Noah didn't want to leave the beach.
Then we went up into the woods to try to hide from the wind some.  We hiked up to high falls on the Baptism river.
 Took the happy family photo on an overlook.
 Got in to see the falls up close.
 One thing about hiking to waterfalls along the north shore is that the hiking trails around them usually have large staircases going from top to bottom.  We counted stairs - one of the sides of the falls we went to was 180 stairs (we went up and down).  I don't take the stairs at work to the 7th floor, but in my vacation time, I willingly do the ultimate stair workout!
In spite of the wind, it was a beautiful spring day!  Best day of the week.

How many stairs do you climb for fun?

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