Saturday, April 25, 2015

Paint prep

Now that the bathroom is done, we're working on getting everything painted upstairs. While we're itching to bust into the kitchen, we have to finish things in order. So we talk and plan about the kitchen and shop appliances and dream and put cardboard mock ups together, while we drag our feet about finishing the upstairs.

Previously, the stairs had been carpeted. I know because there are little red tufts stuck to the painted skirting boards. They have bothered me for as long as we've lived here.
I finally took a paint scraper to them and they disappeared faster than a magic eraser. It felt so good to say goodbye to those little carpet reminders!
We even got the stairwell walls painted, so we're working slightly out of order here, but we can't get any further out of order, the masking would be too much of a burden in the bedrooms if we do walls before trim, so it's time to get the trim prepped and sprayed!
We're motivated now to keep moving on the upstairs because we got a slot on Super Jim's calendar (that would be our wood floor guy).  Brian was working the doors while I prepped the built in dresser.
Paint prep isn't very exciting, but progress is! We'll be able to see something more exciting than a lack of red fuzz within a week or so.

I spent some time working the kitchen planner - I wasn't able to export an image, but the tool allowed me to learn that we don't have sufficient space for double wall ovens. I was a little sad about that until Brian found me a range with an included steam tray. Now I feel like making up some bread dough!

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