Sunday, May 10, 2015

Entry-way action

They asked me at work not too long ago what I do to deal with stress...
Meet my very tight entry way (minus a door and shelf because I wasn't quick enough to grab the camera).  
 One day this spring I was feeling a little stressed, dealing with a work situation.  I needed a good hard labor project to burn off some of that stress.  From the first time we walked into this house, the front entry felt a bit claustrophobic. It's hallway sized with the front door swinging across the entire width.  The closet door could not be opened when the front door was.  It's hard to imagine any number of people coming in there, which is how we met the house the first time because it was an open house.
 My helper and I sent Brian for a bike ride, threw down a little protective paper and started tearing the place apart. :)
 This is not as easy as it might seem because our walls are made of concrete - can you see the layers here?
 Noah and I did some serious wall banging, got really dusty, and blew off some stress!
We took pounds and pounds of wall material out of there and added lots of light to the stairwell.

Anybody else think a sledgehammer workout is a good stress buster?

Sorry about missing last weekend's post.  Just when I start getting nice and regular on here, I go and take off for a party weekend at a waterpark with friends.  That's another good stress-buster!  See you next weekend!

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