Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bathroom design concept

When we were starting to figure out what we wanted our bathroom to look like, we had a bit of help from some friends.  Everybody who commented agreed that we MUST do white subway tiles in the shower.  Most of the images that we looked at had bathtubs and pedestal sinks.  We wanted to eliminate the bathtub due to the size constraint (to replace the tub, we would have to get one that was "mobile home" sized, doesn't that just scream luxury!).  This was the first image that got my attention.  Obviously, it has a bathtub and pedestal sink, but style-wise, it's definitely moving in the right direction. 
I like the flooring strips.  Black and white work well.  We could do something like this. 
I kept looking around on the web for inspiration pictures and finally stumbled upon this.
Love it!  It takes the black and white theme into a glass-door shower concept.  It feels like a pretty big space because of the glass door and color continuity in on the floor and walls.  By the time I uncovered this picture, Brian had already brought home the black spa rocks thinking they might make a nice shower floor.  Combine all these features and...
Here it is!  Never mind the fact that the white subway tiles look a little yellow in these pictures, they are gleaming white in real life!  I'm really pleased how the tile job turned out.  The vanity and shower door glass are both ordered.  We'll be ordering the vanity top this evening as well as buying a lot of the rest of the stuff that we need to finish up the job.  I'm starting to feel like we'll have a functioning bathroom by about the end of February...  Most of our special orders estimate the product to be delivered in 4 weeks, they better not be late on that estimate!!! 
Our latest debate, a small detail that we haven't yet decided is the metal color/type.  The vanity comes with satin nickel hardware, so we're leaning that direction.  We had discussed defaulting to chrome because it works with everything and we could re-use the towel bars from before, but that would require replacing the brand-new hardware that comes with the cabinet and we aren't sure if we will be able to find an additional matching towel bar for the other sink.  The vanity is white and the vanity top is "absolute black" granite.  We like oil-rubbed bronze, but think that it might disappear against the black surfaces, and it costs more.  What do you think?  What's the best metal for a really old space made new again?

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