Friday, January 6, 2012

Noah 2011 development

In reverse order, just for fun... Noah making a silly face for the camera at Halloween. He got to play Thomas the train, it sure was fun! After just a couple of houses, he wanted to head back to Grandma and Grandpa's house to eat the yummy treats that he received.
After the big birthday party, the weather held up good enough to use the new toys out in the canoe. We had a number of fun outings in the canoe this summer. Noah's favorite is playing Walnut ball with Nate - finding walnuts floating in the river, and throwing them back and forth between the boats.
Noah insisted on having a "Scoop" cake for his birthday, since he's almost the worlds most dedicated Bob the Builder fan. It was a big challenge for mom, but managed to be pulled off successfully. At the end of the day, we asked what the favorite part of his birthday was, "My Scoop cake!" Worth every minute of it.
Noah enjoyed lots of rides on the big red bike this year. He got up to about 20 miles on a day and often asked for more at the end of a ride. We didn't end up doing a tour, couldn't figure out how to keep him happy either in the trailer or on the bike for that length of time (and didn't want to bring both!).
The neighbor boy outgrew his little pool, so now Noah gets to play with it all summer long! He had lots of fun floating his crocks in the pool and splashing in it!
Noah was a pretty good supporter of mom and dad's mountain bike team work. He came along with his bells and clappers to the races, ate the snacks, and had a good time. He liked to visit the dogs in the crowd.
We got a freak late snow in April that we were able to scoop up into a mini-snowman! There was lots of snow for winter fun this year.
Noah completely outgrew his hook on chair (among many other things). He now is able to carry full size stools around the kitchen to reach whatever he needs.
Noah loves to go to the river (or lake or pond) and throw rocks into the water! He spent quite a few "daddy and Noah days" playing outside like this.
Noah went to 2 year old gym classes in the late winter and spring to run off some energy and have fun. He also enjoyed going to the "jumping place" and many playgrounds.

Looks like he gets his camera face from mom and mom's side of the family... It's rare to catch him with a natural smile, so we'll make an effort to take MORE pictures this year and see if we can develop a more relaxed presence with the ole camera.

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