Saturday, January 14, 2012

Continued bathroom saga

We originally thought that we could easily wrap up the bathroom project within the fall, so have it done by about Thanksgiving. When you are dealing with structural changes, hundred year old plumbing and electrical, and very un-square, un-level, settled-old-house surfaces there are some things that are best left to professionals. Even the professionals didn't always know what to do. Between the time that the permitting process takes, getting people lined up and scheduled, and figuring out the order of these items, it's been slow going. In addition, we weren't really able to settle on a design theme for quite awhile. We figured, if we took it apart and forced decisions, we'd finally make them and get it done. We settled on white subway tiles for the shower walls - it's a bright, clean, classic look that just fits our space and has the bonus of being relatively cheap!

They did a nice job with this (with the waterproofing/shower floor factor and the crazy angles, we decided to hire out the tile job as well). Here it is before the grout went in. They did the walls of the shower first because of the shape/profile of our choice for the shower floor: black spa rocks!! I'm really excited for that shower. It looks really good, photos coming in the not too distant future.
Since we chose black for the shower floor, I didn't want to break up the visual feel of the room (which will have a glass door separating the shower from the rest). We needed to find an appropriate black floor tile as well. Spa rocks over the whole bathroom floor would be a bit too much for me! Here's the freshly laid black 6x24 strips that we settled on. I'm really happy with how it turned out! Black and White is the theme now. We just ordered a painted white cabinet, after MUCH deliberation. We talked about building our own because we were not happy with those available. We debated between stained wood and painted. We groaned at the plastic-y look and feel of the "white painted" ones available in the low cost category. Finally, we went back to the same cabinet we picked every time we went to Menard's. AND, when the procrastination ended, they happened to have a nice sale going on!! We scored the cabinet we wanted for the price we wanted. While we are waiting the 4 weeks for it to come in, we'll try to work on getting all the fussy little details cleaned up and picked out. Brian can start doing some trim. We can order the shower glass, buy a toilet, and pick out light fixtures for above the sinks. We need mirrors (which we'll probably buy cheap ones and build some frames for them ourselves). We did save the bathroom door and towel bars, but they need some re-hab if we'll be happy to re-use them. While good progress has happened, there's still lots to do!

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