Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Barnacle Bill's

Last weekend when we had to be out of the house for a showing, we took Noah down to a secret little place that we haven't visited in awhile.  I'm pretty sure we hiked there in the spring when Noah was a baby and he screamed in our ears the whole time we hiked around the area.  I was "almost there" last year when we had a bike team ride that did the gravel road and hills that leads down to this area - tough ride!  In the picture, Noah is actually throwing rocks into the "road".  There is a Jeep road that goes through the creek (do you call it that??) and up the hill on the opposite side.  Noah seemed to enjoy the outing.  I think throwing rocks into water is one of his favorite activities!  We found a patch of ice up on the north slope of the big hill, so we didn't get too far.  We didn't have to be gone too long and were driving by a few properties of interest (in the event we sell our house), so the visit was short.  When you have the attention span of a preschooler, and it's getting close to lunch time, that doesn't really matter too much.  I'm starting to really like having house showings on the weekends, they force us to go out and do something fun away from our house for about an hour each.  More trips to the Bill Barnacle Forest Unit helps with our opinion of living in Rochester...

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