Monday, March 19, 2012

Stripping Part 2

We found out that the temperature wasn't the cause of the chemical stripper not working optimally as described here.  Brian pulled in the power tools and with proper safety equipment took the door out onto the driveway and made a big mess shaveing/sanding all the paint off the frame and panels, leaving only the recesses surrounding the panels as problem areas.
You see that lovely wood grain?!
 We found that exact-o knives and the aptly-named "razor scraper" to be most effective.  Should have purchased one of these, or similar for the job!  My hand got worked from the effort.  Of course, the amount of control on a long handled scraper might be much less, and I was working in tight areas for the last bit.
Working in the panel recesses is the only hard part remaining.
 This is how I spent most of Saturday...
My camera-man was being clever with the ineffective chemical can as a "label"!
 The door is within sight of done with the stripping stage.  When Brian finished his attempt with the chemical, he came in and immediately looked to see what the cost of a new door would be.  They don't sell "fancy" doors like ours without the frame, and it took quite a bit of work to make the door we have fit the frame that's in there.  If we had done this much earlier in the process (before trim, for example), we might have just bought and installed a completely new door.  Design build isn't always what it's cracked up to be.  We have a dozen steps left... Brian has decided we'll put in a new door knob, so he has to patch up a few places in the door to make that work and look good.  We're shooting for getting the final sign-off on our permit before it expires/needs to get extended in April (or we'll pick up the pace if we get a purchase offer!!!).
Yes, I work in whatever I happen to be wearing - busy moms don't have time to change their clothes for every occasion.  My jean skirt happened to be on the top of my jeans pile and it was nice enough to go for it!  Since I had a skirt, I picked a blouse to complete the look ;)  Don't mind those winter white legs, it's still officially winter!!  
While I was scraping, Brian was also working on the door some.  Noah was playing in the front yard, mostly entertaining himself and doing a very nice job of it.  We each took breaks to check on him and play with him some.  Noah went in for a morning break/snack and made himself a cup of warm milk with chocowate. all. by. himself.  Okay, he did come out and ask if someone would help him reach the chocolate in the fridge.  
Noah giving his "street skweeper" a car wash, playing in the front yard in his Thomas undies!
He also took charge of his clothing situation throughout the day.  He peeled off his pants, socks and shoes when they got wet during the car washing.  After a bit, he wanted to jump in the driveway puddles that formed when he sprayed lots of water, so he asked if he could take all his clothes off, so they wouldn't get wet.  I told him where his swim trunks were and he went up to his room, found the swim trunks, and put them on (as well as taking off his shirt).  I was amazed how much he is able to do for himself!  Now, if only we could get him trained to put the clothes that are peeled off into the proper basket!  He did get the dishes cleaned up after one of his snacks this weekend too - right into the sink where it belonged was acceptable to leave it.    

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