Friday, March 23, 2012


Noah insisted on buying Brian a kite for his birthday.  As if a 36 year old is just dying to have a fun little kite to fly, but at only $2.50, I indulged my little shopping helper.  Since we were on vacation the whole week before Brian's birthday, we did our shopping before we left town, allowing 8 days for Noah to ruin the surprise.  It only took about 10 minutes for that to happen...  "Daddy, daddy, we get to fly the kite on Noah and daddy day!  It has Spiderman on it because boys like Spiderman and you're a boy and I'm a boy, so we can fly it together on Noah and daddy day!"  Somehow Noah still seemed to think that there would be a surprise because the kite was in wrapping paper and hidden in the closet.
With the intense wind we get in Rochester, it seems logical that a kite would be fun.  We took it out this weekend when we had to be gone for a house showing.  The package indicated that it was intended for 5-15 mph wind.  What??!  Our wind is never lower than 5 mph!  I thought kites were built for windy days!  It was much closer to 25 mph when we were out, so the kite was quite strained as it was flown.  I kept expecting it to pop off the string or have some other catastrophic failure, but it didn't.  Overall, it was fun, but our attention span was only about 10 minutes for kite flying (maybe due to the stress of expecting a catastrophic failure?).  Maybe on a calm day, we could last longer!
The baseball field seemed to be a good choice for flying our Spiderman since there weren't any power lines or trees or anything else to cause issues.  I can't believe it's still winter and we got sunburned while flying kites and playing outside all day!
There has been mention of a princess kite for my upcoming birthday - girls like princesses!  I hope the adult shopper helps steer the enthusiastic young one... one kite is enough for this family!  We'll wait for a calmer day and try again.

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