Friday, April 19, 2013

Condo To-do list

Seems like you enjoy my to-do list updates - that's the post with the highest view count to date.  Thought I might give you a little update on that since we've had another couple work weekends since it was posted...

Phase #1 is the project we're working on currently and it consists of a bedroom, bathroom, entry area, and hall.

Remove bedroom wallpaper
Install hallway light fixture so you can see something when you walk into the unit
Remove bathroom paneling
Tear out old flooring in bedroom, bathroom, hall
Remove bathroom fixtures
Prep hall and bedroom paneling for paint
Get plumber to relocate shower head and install new tub
Replace electrical fixtures with fresh, modern white ones
Install tile underlayment
Tile hall and bathroom
Install shower surround cement-board
Clean and tighten radiator shrouds
Prep bedroom walls for paint (clean up wallpaper removal dings and fill many, many holes from Suzy)
Prep bathroom walls for paint (clean up wallpaper removal dings and poor initial install job)
Re-hang bifold door at bedroom closet
Prime and paint wood (paneling, trim, door?)
Prime and paint walls
Paint radiator shrouds
Paint ceilings (they've seen better days and a fresh coat of paint can make the rooms look so much fresher)
Tile shower surround
Install bathroom fixtures
Get carpet installed

We decided to wait on the bifold door until the carpet is down since they would only be in the way of the carpet installer.
I'm not going to cross off tile shower surround until it has been grouted and caulked, so it's completely done.
The carpet was scheduled to be installed soon, but we picked one that was on backorder, so it may not be done for a few more weeks.
Next visit will hopefully complete the bathroom items, then it's on to the furnishings and staging (for phase #1), Brian's looking forward to moving on to the construction work associated with phase #2.  We are well ahead of the game on phase #2 since we don't have any wallpaper to remove in the big bedroom and before we decided to phase the work, we had done a bunch of wall repairs and prep on that side.  The biggest challenge with phase #2 is that we're going to try to keep the one-bedroom-condo side tidy and functional for guests while we work on this next phase.  That means we'll be working around a slew of tools and materials during the phase.  The only times that really won't work is when painting and when the carpet gets installed, so we'll just play shuffle the mess a bunch.
We're starting to look forward to summer up there because we have a couple guests on the calendar.  Let me know soon if you want to be on the calendar and what your dates might be.  We like notice, so we can plan for having it tidy!  Complete visit instructions are being developed, so you'll know how to get in, what to bring with you, and how to leave it when you go. 
Since I can't leave you without pictures, here, again is that awesome piece of shore!

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