Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shower tile

We got back up to the condo for a work weekend (and some playing).  The big goal for the visit was to tile the shower surround.  

Smoothing out the seams - prep for tile.  Man that wall is ugly.

Oh la la!  That first couple rows looks good and it feels good to makes some progress!
After one long day of work, we only managed to finish almost 2 walls.

Intensely lining up the open end.
The LAST piece going in!

Sweet finished tile walls!  Too bad we didn't have time to grout.

Call the plumber and finish that faucet!  Whoop whoop!
 Just like the last tile job, Brian manned the mud and trowel while I was the official cutter.  Unlike the last job, the cutting was a lot more important to the finished look, so it was a bit higher pressure for me!  There were a couple of cuts that he sent back to be re-done more than once.

Noah enjoyed far too much screen time while we pushed through this job.  He occasionally came to check on our work and tried to participate by handing up tiles or spacers a few times, but mostly the room was small and he preferred to have his shows on.

The toilet got set and is functional in the room.  After I took my tile pictures, Brian got the door put up (and ensured that it would close properly).

As usual, we thought we could get through a lot more work than what happened over the weekend.  This job was the big accomplishment for the visit.  I'll be back later with more little accomplishments from the weekend.

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