Monday, April 29, 2013

Operation White-Out

You can thank B&N for the photos on this one.  
We decided that it's been since 2006/2007 that most of our main floor was painted, and colors and styles have changed fairly substantially (as have our personal styles).  It's time to give it a fresh look.  We're adopting Cloud White as our basis for the fresh look.  We've declared the project "operation white-out".  Noah got in on the action.
Dining room in progress.  Don't worry, the fake vines on that shelf were also  removed as part of the fresh look.

Focus and concentration are important when you're painting.

Noah can get the job done!

Noah can also take pictures while dad is getting the job done!

Noah captures that they finished this little corner.
We have the kitchen, dining, and back entry-way finished.  The front entry itself is done, but the transition up the stairs is not yet.  We're working our way through all the common living areas.  I think the office is going to be light gray rather than white and it can't get done until some plaster repair is done also. 
I found some bright color accents to dress up the dining area a little, but need more of those.  I still need to get art on the living room walls (which we painted last year, yes, we move very slowly sometimes).  I want a larger and bright color entry rug for the back door, but it has to be the washable flat-weave type. 

Kitchen, dining, back entry, and laundry: white base (celery/lime green in laundry), with bright greens and turquiose/blue accents.  Fresh, new.  And, you know me, I won't have "project complete" pictures for ages and then some.  You better just come on over and check it out!

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