Friday, August 2, 2013

Sneak peek of the new place

We're calling the next house the Granny house in recognition of it's previous owner.  It's a cute white cape cod on the outside on a cul de sac with a very tidy, flat yard that's still walking distance to work for us and school for Noah.
It's nearly 60 years newer than the yellow downtown house (we need a name for that one!), so we're excited that it won't have so many of the super old house issues.  It had an addition of a great room in the 1980s, so parts of it are quite new.  It isn't all "done" on the inside, so we've got big plans for the place!
Looking into the kitchen from the great room.

Formal dining room, looking into the kitchen
I see a wall that's begging to come down!

Master bedroom
Gotta love pink carpet and peach walls!

Main floor/master bathroom plus laundry
Nothing like swapping out laundry while on the toilet!

While we have big plans for the place, we really intend to take it slow and live there for a while before we change anything.  We want to make a real plan and do things right the first time so we don't have to re-do our work.  I'm showing you here the top candidates for improvement :)

Off to continue packing!

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