Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tale of a travelling chest

It started something like this:
Jerry: "Do you guys have anything that needs to go up to the dump?  I'm taking this old chest up there and there's more space in the van. Or, maybe, you guys want this chest?"
Me: "What is the chest you are taking to the dump?"
Brian: "No, no, it's garbage..."
Jerry: "It's just this old cedar chest that got a little water damaged at some point and lost a leg."
Me: "It wouldn't hurt to just take a look."

I ended up saving Jerry a trip to the dump and causing my hubby to groan and complain substantially.  I think in the end, I have a nice piece worth far more than the $15 I put into it.  Heh, heh, I even managed to finish it in less than 6 months!

This is the broken leg corner. 

Here she is in all her dump-ready glory.

I peeled off the weird O's from the front and Brian helped build a new base to support it.

The handles also had to go.

Here she is!

After end shot.
That little white tag says: Cedar Chest $195. 
The inside is a very nice cedar that I was able to clean up with some magic eraser, a vacuum, and a damp rag.  Noah helped with the process, but I didn't get any pictures of him in his paint-wear.  In the end it's a pretty smooth, sharp paint job.  The color is Great Lakes by DutchBoy.

Since we're moving to a place where Noah won't have a window seat bench in his bedroom, it will probably serve as his toy chest/window seat.

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