Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All trimmed out

The trim got put in this weekend!  It had a few issues along the way - height compared to the toilet supply and the cabinet edges, but Brian got 'er done.  

Trim still needs some nail hole fill and  paint - touch up on the baseboards and the works on the door trim.  I think, now that the trim is in, we could place the toilet whenever we get around to it.

We held up the mirrors and wondered if they are big enough.  Coming from the whole wall mirror concept in all previous bathrooms, 2 clean cut rectangles (1 over each of the sinks) seems kinda small.  We also decided that with the cabinet in place, we could hold up the light fixtures in place and see where they might go - that means a call to the electrician to finish the job!  When we held those up, we discovered that we got what we paid for...  They were very cheap fixtures and they were bent such that the glass looked all crooked. We're going to try to get back over to big Orange this afternoon to trade them out for a non-crooked lights.

I'm fighting the mid-winter yuck right now - my throat hurts so bad I cry whenever I swallow.  The worst part is trying to sleep at night.  Happy Valentine's day to me...  Speaking of which, Noah had a grand old time making little cards for his Valentines.  I should have gotten a picture, but we were too caught up in the moment.  There is a party with his friends at daycare.  I have to get better by the weekend!  We're going to Frostbike to talk about starting high school bike teams in MN.  It's going to be awesome and I'll need my voice!  What do you take for a sore throat?  I gargled salt water a few times last night to try to ease the pain for sleeping (along with ibuprofen to reduce swelling).  I think I got 4 hours total...  I drink lots of tea also, hot liquids seem to be helpful.

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