Sunday, February 26, 2012

Picture Gallery

Office Gallery
We had this set of framed, favorite vacation pictures hanging in the basement when we first moved here.  When the basement got re-done over the winter of 2008-2009, they came off the wall and sat in a pile for, um, 3+ years.  It's been maybe 6 weeks now since I decided one day to put them on the wall in the office.  I also added pictures to the newest frame in the set, the one on the right.  Noah helped, he held the level for me.  Since we are currently using the bathroom right there all the time, we get to walk past these many times a day.  They bring a smile to my face!
Clockwise from the top we have threesomes: Superior Hiking Trail pictures from some of the big vistas.  Black Hills, SD - red canyon walls, blue skies, and vibrant greenery.  "West Dakota" bike tours on the old mountain tandem, I think this was all Mickelson Trail riding in SD, but might also include a picture from the Maah Daah Hey trail in ND.  Winter on the North Shore, Lake Superior in ice and snow.  The middle picture is from Arches National Park in Utah, we visited Colorado and Utah with that old mountain tandem, too.  Oh man, we used to take great vacations!  When will Noah be old enough to take with on adventures like theses?  It might be these pictures that have caused the discussion to start, but lately, there has been a lot of talk about getting another mountain tandem.  We're basically done paying for a new bathroom, so maybe the next big thing will be a new bike?!
Anyone else out there leaving prepared frames on a pile for years before putting them on the walls?  Any other tandem riders?  Adventure vacationers?

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