Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fitting together

Two special orders arrived this week!  The first was the cabinet.  We were able to pick it up - it fit just perfectly in the back of the car. Yeah outback.  Fit #1 was a success.  

Fit #2 was to get the holes in the right places for the plumbing to go into the cabinet.  Cutting holes into our fancy new cabinet was a bit nerve-wracking!  Measure twice, cut once!

Fit #3 was to actually get the 60 inch cabinet into the room with a 60.5 inch clearance!  And it had toilet plumbing to maneuver around.  Success!  We got it in without scraping off any wall surface or dinging up the cabinet.  It's in and fits and looks good!

There's a sample of the counter we're settling on up on the corner.  It's not absolute black, which we were originally looking at.  It has a bit more variation and interest (which would hopefully hide some water spots better).  The cabinet has to come back out in order to trim the back/side walls, ugh.  We're making progress...
The other special order that came in was the shower glass!
The tile guys came back and finished a couple last details that they had to finish including putting up the shower shelves.  Everything is starting to look great!  Brian is going to work on trimming the room next and after the trim (once the cabinet is finally placed), we can install the toilet.

As far as the crazy number of crazies going on at our house...  We've settled on the mantra of "just say NO", at least for a few weeks and for the "deals" that we've been considering recently.  Now that our house is cleaned and de-cluttered to be "show-ready" we're liking it even more.  

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