Saturday, February 25, 2012

Counter/sinks are in!

Whoa, it's looking downright finished up there!  There are a lot of steps to go, but she's looking good!

Sinks and Faucets

Shiny Granite, love that swooping faucet!
I almost feel like I don't need to say anything here!  A few pictures tell the story pretty well.  Makes me really want to get the mirrors figured out NOW and clean up all those details quick as possible so that we can move in and start enjoying it!  The vanity plumbing should be operational by the end of the weekend and the shower floor sealed, so we could shower or use the sinks as much as needed.  Brian doesn't want to install the toilet until the final coat of paint has been applied so that he doesn't have the toilet in the way for any of the clean-up/finish work on the walls and trim in there.  Progress is happening!  We might have this thing done before the permit expires! :)

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