Friday, January 3, 2014

Fat Biking in the OC

No, not Orange County...  We live in a different OC, and sometimes struggle to find fun things to do.  Here's a fun afternoon we had a couple weeks ago (Christmas got in the way of me putting this one up... Excuses, excuses).  For those of you who only come here for the cool DIY projects, you can take a good look at the way the sled connects to the hot guy on the orange bike - we built that, engineer style last year.  We've actually re-built that pulk a few times since.  Continually improving our design ;)  

 There's a public area that skiers often use when the snow conditions are low, but it isn't groomed, so they can't keep the fat bikes off!  We saw a skier while we were out there and his comment was 'oh, good, you're grooming it for us!'

 This is the most fun we've had in the OC for quite some time!

 I ride the cheap blue fat bike, which is why you only see pictures of my boys and the fancy orange bike.  The snow was clearly glittering that afternoon, but I don't think you can see it very well in this picture.

Noah didn't last as long as the rest of us were having fun, which perpetuated a few additional Christmas gifts for him - more warm equipment.  I'll share about keeping your preschooler warm when playing outside on cold days next time!

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