Friday, January 17, 2014

Auntie Lissa builds

You all know that I read too many crafty idea blogs for the time that I have available to do crafty fun things.  I really should read less and do more, but that's a whole different topic.  Ana White posted this cute little lap desk in October as a part of her Christmas gift idea series.  I happen to have a couple of learners that I prefer to give homemade gifts to, so I set up the miter saw.  I got intent on building, so didn't take any pictures along the way (and even if I had, I couldn't share them at the time or the surprise might have been blown).  The biggest challenge in building these was that most of our tools are at the condo, and as we learned from the bed project, side building projects are not welcome at the condo.  I literally finished them up and wrapped them on Christmas Eve.

We made one fun modification.  When shopping for the desk top piece, we saw that instead of plain plywood, we could get chalkboard or whiteboard for the top surface.  Whiteboard was the instant answer, and it seemed to go over extremely well, so glad we made that choice!  Because the whiteboard was a little more flimsy feeling than plywood, I cut one additional piece to support the middle of the top.  That doesn't mean they're built for dancing on, though, girls!

I hope they will have lots of creative fun with them - learning, drawing, tea partying, snacking...  

It's probably time to start planning for the big first birthday party coming up in April.  Hmm, which fun kids craft is next?

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