Sunday, January 5, 2014

Paint changes everything

It takes hours to "wrap it all up" so that the paint only goes where you want it when you use a sprayer.  You don't have any lights except your one halogen worklight.  It's a multi-day process to wrap, prime, paint trim, paint ceiling, and walls.  And, oh man, is it fun to see the transformation!

Protect that pretty shower from the spray!

Special door balancing tricks to get them sprayed in the middle of the room.

I added in a picture frame that was a little rough for bonus while he was spraying :)

Ready for trim paint - the primer looks funny on that wall, and the door is a piece...

Here's the equipment and the wood has been painted gray.

The challenging little bathroom.

White walls and ceiling

The only white in the entry is the ceiling, lots of plastic here!

There's that shower again, almost done with the wrapping.

Smooth white walls, needs a vanity and light fixture!

Ready, set, unwrap!


Uncover that tile!

I could gaze at that shower tile for hours.

One big pile of used wrapping paper and a couple pretty walls.

And the pretty tree view out the window of this freshly painted room.

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